Our Team


Jennie is our financial expert. She and her associates are there to do their utmost to make your stay as smooth as possible, ensuring that everyone on the team knows what to expect from the moment you book until you’re safely home again.


Mariana is our marketing guru, responsible for the website, social media presence, and targeted promotions. She’s always there to answer questions and to assist you in making a booking.


In his capacity as Director, Marvin is responsible for all the day-to-day activities within 348 Suites, where his boundless enthusiasm ensures seamless cooperation and interaction among his colleagues. And he loves a challenge, constantly embarking on new projects with his solution-oriented approach. Given his wide-ranging role, don’t be surprised if you come across him doing small repairs in and around the apartments.


Jos welcomes the guests and makes sure that everyone feels at home, both in the apartment itself and further afield. He’s the point of contact for everyone – guests, cleaners, and suppliers in general. Need a light bulb changed or extra cleaning? Jos is there to arrange it for you.


Bram provides support to Mariana in all our marketing activities. He’s focused especially on ensuring maximum visibility for 348 on search engines and websites. He also pitches in on our ongoing efforts to raise the profile of 348 Suites with creative marketing promotions.

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