What is the difference between short stay and a regular rental agreement

Short stay is the rental of a living space for a short period, usually up to 4-6 months depending on the municipality. This can be, for example, for business travelers, students, or people living temporarily in a different city.

A regular rental agreement is a rental agreement for a period of at least one year. This agreement is regulated in the Civil Code.

What is the difference?

There are several important differences between short stay and a regular rental agreement.

  • Minimum stay duration: The minimum stay duration for short stay is usually 4 nights. For a regular rental agreement, it is at least one year.
  • Rental price: The rental price for short stay is usually higher than for a regular rental agreement. This is often due to furnishings/upholstery and offered services. In addition, the landlord runs a higher risk with a shorter stay duration.
  • Rental contract: For short stay, a separate rental contract is often used. This contract is often shorter and less extensive than a regular rental contract.

What does 348 Suites do?

348 Suites rents short stay apartments in the center of The Hague. Our apartments are available for a stay of at least 4 nights and a maximum of 4 months.

Our apartments are fully equipped and offer comfortable and luxurious accommodation. We also offer a number of additional services, such as weekly cleaning and parking facilities.