Security deposit for short stay: What you need to know

When renting a short stay apartment, it’s important to be aware of whether there are security deposit fees. Security deposits act as a form of guarantee for the landlord to cover any potential damage to the apartment that may occur during your stay. In the Netherlands, landlords are allowed to ask for a maximum of two months’ rent as a security deposit.

What are the security deposit fees for short stay at 348 Suites?

At 348 Suites, the security deposit depends on the length of your stay. For a stay of less than one month, the deposit is €500. For a stay longer than one month, the deposit is €1000.

Why are security deposits required?

Security deposits are required to cover any potential damages to the apartment. This could include damage to furniture, floors, walls, installations, or other parts of the apartment. The landlord can use the deposit to repair or replace these damages.

How is the security deposit refunded?

The deposit is refunded within 7 days after the end of your stay, once the landlord has verified that the apartment is returned in good condition.

What should you do if you cause damage to the apartment?

If you cause damage to the apartment, you should report it to 348 Suites as soon as possible. The team will then work with you to assess how the damage can be repaired. The cost of the repairs will be deducted from your deposit.