Are short stay apartments in the Netherlands accessible to expats?

The Netherlands is a popular destination for expats. Whether you are in the Netherlands for work, study, or vacation, you may need temporary accommodation. A short stay accommodation is then a good option.

What is short stay?

Short stay is the temporary rental of an independent house or apartment for a period of at least 4 days and up to 4-6 months (depending on the municipality). Short stay is often an alternative to a hotel, but offers more privacy and comfort.

Options for expats

As an expat, you essentially have the same options to rent a short stay accommodation as someone who lives in the Netherlands. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

Ask for proof of identity

Landlords of short stay accommodations are required to ask for proof of identity from all tenants, regardless of their nationality. This is to prevent properties from being used for illegal activities.

Pay a deposit

Landlords of short stay accommodations often ask for a deposit. The amount of the deposit varies from an average of €500 to €1000. The deposit is refunded at the end of your stay, provided there is no damage to the house or apartment.

Pay tourist tax

In many municipalities in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to pay tourist tax. The amount of the tourist tax varies per municipality and is reviewed every year.

Insure yourself

It is advisable to insure yourself against damage to the house or apartment. You can do this by taking out travel insurance or a separate insurance for short stay accommodations.

Our services

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