How long is the rental period for a short stay apartment?

Short stay is a form of rental where a house or apartment is rented out for a shorter period than with a regular rental agreement. The rental period for short stay can vary, but there are a number of general guidelines.


In Dutch rental law, there is no unambiguous definition of short stay. However, there are a number of conditions, per municipality, that are imposed on short stay rentals. For example, the house or apartment must be rented furnished, and there must be no automatic extension of the lease. The maximum rental term varies by municipality. For example, the maximum rental term in The Hague is 4 months, but in Amsterdam, it is 6 months.

Short stay rental is often applied for

  • Foreign students who come to study in the Netherlands for a relatively short period.
  • Dutch people who work temporarily in another city or region.
  • Expats who have temporary work in the Netherlands.
  • Tourists who want to have a fixed home base for a longer period to explore the city and its surroundings.

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