What about parking at short stay accommodations?

Parking is an important aspect for guests booking a short stay accommodation. Especially in the center of a city, it can be difficult to find an affordable parking spot.

Why is parking in The Hague so difficult?

The Hague is a large city with many residents. It is also a popular destination for tourists. This means that there is a lot of demand for parking space, resulting in limited availability and high prices.

The municipality of The Hague is trying to solve the parking problem by increasing the number of parking spaces. However, there are many factors that complicate the construction of new parking spaces. For example, there is little space available in the city center, and there are many interest groups that oppose the construction of new parking spaces, partly due to the desired greening of the city center.

What does 348 Suites offer?

348 Suites offers its guests a wide choice of apartments that can be provided with a parking spot. Our parking garage is located directly beneath our building. This allows you to park your car easily and quickly. This makes 348 Suites an ideal choice for visitors coming by car.

Would you like to know more about our short stay apartments with parking options? Please contact us.